Cottage style has so many faces and so many design elements it is hard to sum it up but one thing is for sure the style is one of charm, beauty and comfort.

Close your eyes and imagine chandeliers swinging ever so slightly, fabulous freestanding mirrors washed in white, vintage frames in all sizes and shapes lining a mantle in an array of pastels. Table scapes that have been adorned with vintage linens and marvelous vintage china and accessories. A big comfy bed built with layers of sheets, comforter, warm and soft accent blankets, ruffles, over stuffed pillows, accent pillows in different patterns and shapes. A kitchen with a delicious apple crisp baking in the over and the smell engulfs the room and on the counter you find the vintage mixer and an array of all sorts of vintage kitchen ware, tins, baking pans, china cake plates, antique canisters and oh so much more. Hope you are feeling the Cottage love!

Cottage Style is probably one of the first styles to make recycling oh so fashionable...it has been happening for forever! When one sets out on a Saturday morning to a flea market, etstate sale or garage sale, they are anticipating that treasure in the rough! A piece of furniture that has been beaten and worn comes home with them in the trunk and then a miraculous transformation occurs and what was once old, abused, worn and being tossed aside is once again beautiful! Oh so many wonders are transformed with a simple wash of white!

Vintage of course plays a large role in the Cottage Style.
The appreciation of the past. Vintage does not only add beauty and charm to a room but history and voices from the past. When you pick up a vintage piece...could be an
antique pocket watch for instance, you can not help but wonder where it has been, who's pocket was it pulled from how many people it gave the time to and then start wondering what their lives were like and oh so much more...a gateway to the past! Maybe you will find an old cake pan, can you begin to imagine what recipes were created in there, all the happy birthdays that were made perfect with the sweet confection that popped out of that pan. Cottage is where the past comes to the present and melds into life for an eternity!

What is so very wonderful about the Cottage Style is that there is no right or wrong. You can create from the heart. With some time, love, some pretty paint and some elbow grease you can transform things that are tucked in your attic, garage,closet and other little hiding places! Sometimes you don't need anything but what is in your own home. That is what is so incredibly amazing about the Cottage Style!

Oh yes, Cottage has many facets for sure! How about
Country French where black and white toile with a touch of
sparkle creates glamor that Marie Antoinette herself
would smile upon! What about the Cottage Beach house style where light blue meets white linens floating in the summer breeze with sandy accents and the beauty of nature graces the room with abandoned shells that once inhabited our oceans. The country kitchen filled with generations gone by! The back porch with vintage wicker that has been refreshed in the color of your choice and the little accent table which holds a gorgeous tea set. An elegant room with spectacular mosaics! A warm and cozy room filled with everything you love and of course a cushy chair. The list goes on and on and yes it is all Cottage!

The Cottage Style has also impacted the design of jewelry and the accessory world. So many beauties have been created. There is nothing like a piece that has been carefully put together with vintage snippets from a number of vintage treasures. Oh the stories that brooch, necklace, bracelet or earrings could tell. It is just totally amazing!

So some how in everyone's life a little Cottage Style will fall!
The Cottage Styles Message is just pure Love.

So come and see what the Cottage Style Street Team has in the way of so many various styles of Cottage...you will be amazed